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How does 玩加电竞 proprietary mutual fund research work?
玩加电竞 takes into consideration a variety of factors into consideration and over 20 million data points such as expense ratios, standard deviation, beta, market valuations and multiples, portfolio holdings and diversification/concentration of portfolio, the cash ratio of a fund, size of the fund, the predicted yields and we can go on and on, however one of the most importantly factors is the actual portfolio quality of stock holdings the mutual fund scheme invest into, since that is what is going to deliver investor returns to investor.
What are the indicators of a mutual fund performance basis 玩加电竞 research?

Fund Sahi Hai (Rating) - The first filter in whether an investor should invest in a fund or not depends on the quality of the fund’s underlying portfolio of stocks it has invested. At 玩加电竞 , you shall find a thumbs up or a thumbs down indicator to denote whether the fund is investable or not!

Margin of Safety Index (Time to Invest Indicator) - Once the first filter is cleared, the second filter is whether a fund has a good Margin of Safety score or not. Simply put, whether the time to invest in a mutual fund is right or not, basically helping investors get the best value for their money. Unlike all other advisors or fund managers or sales persons, we'll tell you if the timing to invest in a fund is incorrect with a thumbs down and correct with a thumbs up!

玩加电竞 's proprietary tool MosDex evaluates the price and relative value of the fund and in times of extreme euphoria with negative margin of safety, we shall recommend investors against investing in a particular mutual fund!

Strength Indicator - Markets are volatile and carry risk. So investments made by fund managers will fall from time to time based on market conditions. However, what's important is how quickly these investments can bounce back when the markets stabilise and go up again. 玩加电竞 Strength Indicator indicates which mutual fund schemes are resilient to market volatility so that your investments stay strong and generate steady returns. You can look out for the Strength icon on each mutual fund.

Why past performance is not a benchmark for 玩加电竞 research?
Past performance doesn't matter for investors investing today so don't get surprised if the top ranking funds do not have the best past performance and vice versa. Unlike other mutual fund research or advisory companies, we do not consider past performance while reviewing or rating funds because honestly, past performance was for investors of the past and there is no guarantee that investors investing now, in the present, would get similar performance in the future! Investing basis of the past performance solely could be one of the biggest mistakes investors could make!
Does 玩加电竞 rate and rank all old & new mutual funds out there?

Yes, most other mutual fund research or advisory companies do not rate or rank all funds or even consider the full universe which is against the interest of investors. There are many quality mutual fund schemes which have been around for years and delivered fantastic growth and are still unrated by most mutual fund research and advisory companies! Our methodology and algorithm allows us to look at the entire universe and scan opportunities for you. It's unbiased, objective and has no emotional attachment. It doesn't matter if a fund is new or old, what matters is it's future returns earning potential!

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