How SmartSwitch works?

  • Upload your e-CAS to check the existing mutual fund portfolio score based on the quality of mutual fund you hold.
  • Review the mutual funds recommended for switching with concrete reasons to improve your score by switching out poor quality mutual funds.
  • Once reviewed, easily apply those recommendations and switch to quality mutual funds to improve your mutual fund portfolio score by up to 30%.
Evaluate your portfolio

Powerful portfolio

evaluation and switching tool

  • Get a detailed analysis of your current mutual fund portfolio.
  • Get personalized mutual fund recommendations.
  • Upgrade and optimize your overall portfolio.
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Switch out poor quality scheme

and switch in good
quality scheme

  • Switch from non-performing funds to quality mutual funds.
  • Move to better mutual funds in the same category and asset class.
  • Retain good quality funds and optimize your overall mutual fund portfolio.
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SmartSwitch FAQ’s

What is SmartSwitch?
SmartSwitch is a mutual fund portfolio analysis tool based on 玩加电竞 proprietary research and ranking engine which reviews the quality of funds in the portfolio on the basis of 20 million fundamental and market data points.
How does SmartSwitch work?

It is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1: Upload your detailed & latest updated e-CAS to check the overall measurable score of your mutual fund portfolio based on the existing funds you hold.

Step 2: With the help of 玩加电竞 research engine it reviews your portfolio and suggests you to improve your score by eliminating poor quality funds, giving you concrete reasons for each fund suggested for switching. You can review each of the funds separately & de-select those you don’t wish to switch.

Step 3: Once reviewed, you can easily apply those recommendations with a single click and switch to quality mutual funds.

Does the Switch happen at the fund level or portfolio level?
The evaluation happens at a portfolio level where the quality of all funds present in the portfolio is checked and based on that an overall score is assigned. An investor has the choice to switch at fund level and they may not have to switch the overall portfolio.
What are the parameters to check the quality of the mutual funds?
The assessment of the portfolio quality is based on the 玩加电竞 proprietary mutual fund research and ranking method which rates a mutual fund based on the quality of its underlying portfolio of stocks analysing 20 million data points on a daily basis along with Margin of Safety Index. Based on that your mutual fund portfolio is given a quality score and recommendations to switch on these parameters with the intent to increase the overall portfolio score by 20-30%.
Is SmartSwitch possible between different AMCs?
Yes, SmartSwitch facilitates switching between all AMCs.
Few funds not switched within the same category, why is that?
SmartSwitch happens to increase the quality of the funds you hold in your portfolio. Hence to give you the best outcome from the switch
  • Basic switch happens where poor quality fund switch to better funds in same category
  • Advanced switch happens where poor quality funds move to better funds in a different category but the same asset class.
  • Good Mutual Fund schemes will not be switched.
  • Following schemes will not be switched – where minimum investment threshold not met and redemption is not allowed.
In advance switch do I have an option to choose the same category for switching funds?
Yes, if in case you wish to switch the fund in the same category of scheme other than the one’s recommended in the advance switch you can do that.
During the switching process, post redemption does money go via clients account or directly?
As a SmartSwitch happens, the money gets through exchange first and then gets settled through an exchange pool. The redemption amount from poor quality funds will be the new amount invested in the quality mutual funds. The new investment amount will be rounded off and the balance would be credited to your ledger automatically.
What is the mode of investing when using SmartSwitch?
The accumulated corpus from the existing poor quality fund will be invested in a lump sum mode to a good quality fund with SmartSwitch.
Will my existing SIP mandate also switch?
No, only the accumulated corpus will be switched, as per regulations you would need to start an SIP in the good quality fund switched with 玩加电竞 by stopping the existing SIP in the poor quality fund.
How can I get my e-CAS statement digitally?
You can easily download your e-CAS statement via CAMS online, KFintech, NSDL or CDSL. If you need any help generating your e-CAS click on the CAS issuers for the steps to download through CAMS Online, NSDL, CDSL, KFintech.
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